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A Ring Made Just for You: What You Need to Know about Custom Rings

Sure, there are many choices in premade wedding rings, but you—you want something special! Teva Dekel, ring designer at Williams Diamond Center in Eau Claire, agrees: “Finding love in our lives is a blessing, and when most people have found the one, it’s because of that individual’s unique beauty, personality, and character. A “one of a kind” engagement ring or wedding set is an opportunity to create a special piece for the one whose own uniqueness you were drawn to in the first place.”

A custom ring doesn’t have to cost more, but it might take 3 to 6 weeks once the design is finalized. To prepare for the first design visit, bring some photos or sketches with you that show what you like and have a budget in mind. Then, Dekel says, the designer’s role is “to get you to talk about who you are as an individual and/or as a couple to help navigate through your vision and translate that into a viable design and a piece that will make you smile every time you see it.” The designer walks you through choices of settings, stones, qualities, colors, cuts, and costs.

Williams Diamond, as many other jewelers, contracts with a company offsite that does the final creation of the ring. Often a down-payment is expected before work on the ring begins. Some jewelers require a contract, but Dekel says Williams Diamond is “your local neighborhood jewelry store” and they “believe in the contract of a handshake.”

The possibilities are endless regarding what type of ring you can have made for you. Tekel describes one of his favorite designs: “It was an incredible two-tone engagement ring with a fancy yellow radiant diamond center surrounded by a beautiful bright white sparkling diamond halo and even more diamonds down the band, with whimsical scroll elements on the crown and tiny diamonds up the prongs.” But what ring is right for you?

The process of having your own ring custom-made is a journey. It is for the designer too. As Dekel explains: “Every piece I have designed and partnered with, I love. Each piece is a journey, and a journey of the best kind. Each piece tells a story.”

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