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Be All Smiles at Your Wedding… Kristo Orthodontics Can Help

Amidst all the other details and choices and plans for your big day, consider orthodontic treatment to prepare your teeth, and your smile. Kristo Orthodontics, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, offers experienced consultation and treatment for your big day.

If this kind of treatment is something you’d like to include in your wedding preparation, it’s important to begin the process as early as possible. Michelle Larson, one of the staff at Kristo, encourages couples to come in for a free consultation. “We would suggest you come in at least a year before the wedding date to discuss your options.”

One treatment couples might want to consider is teeth whitening, and while Kristo does not do this in office, they do offer whitening kits for purchase.

The most common treatment brides and grooms to-be seek is teeth straightening and function correction. This might include Invisalign or metal braces. The timeline for these procedures will vary, depending on each person’s particular needs.

Larson notes: “Depending on what needs to be done, Invisalign will probably have a shorter time frame, and they are clear, so you could wear them the day of your wedding and no one would even know you have them in. If you choose to go with metal braces, we offer the option to have them off for your wedding, as there is normally only a year between engagement and wedding, and most orthodontic treatment continues for 18–24 months.”

Orthodontic treatment may be something to include in your wedding budget. Larson advises: “Some insurance plans do cover adult orthodontic treatment as part of their dental coverage. That is something that we can go over in more detail with you at your free consultation. We also offer flexible finance plans. That means there is no down payment and you pay $189 a month for the cost of treatment. Costs vary, and we would never want to quote a price without speaking with the orthodontist and allowing him to create a customized treatment plan just for you.”

While it is more common for brides to seek orthodontic treatment, grooms sometimes do too. “Not as many men as women seek orthodontic treatment before a wedding, but we do have several couples that are in treatment together right now,” Larson says. “One of the things that is important to remember with orthodontic care is that it is not about aesthetics (or cosmetics), it is about function. Someone could have perfectly straight teeth but also have an overbite, underbite, or other issue that is causing them health issues. It is extremely important to have that taken care of for the overall health of your body.”

The folks at Kristo Orthodontics look forward to working with you. “Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and we are here to help make that day even more special with the smile you have always wanted,” Larson says. “When you come in for your initial exam with us, we will do a scan of your teeth, which will give us the opportunity to show you what your smile would look like at the end of your treatment. You can see the movement of all of your teeth.”

For more information visit or call 715-835-5182.

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