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Choosing Your Entertainment

By Paul Wilkes, All Occasions DJ Service

The question was popped and the date is set. You’ve chosen your venue and now it’s time for the second most important wedding decision…the entertainment!

“Your day, your way” is a saying that a lot of people use, and for a good reason–it isyour day and it shouldbe centered around you and your spouse. However, you need to remember whether it’s 100 or 300 people coming to your reception, they have all different tastes in music, and getting them to dance can be challenging. You need more from your DJ or band. You need a DJ that can take all the different musical tastes and make sure that ALL of your guests leave with a smile. Anyone can play music, but it takes a skilled entertainer to really customize your night.

“Entertainment” is the key word here. It’s not just about providing music because anybody can press play on a computer. What every wedding truly needs is an entertainer: someone who will not only play the right music, but also stay in touch with the guests and help facilitate a fun and memorable event. Your wedding day will go fast and the last thing you need to worry about is making sure things are in order. A great group of vendors should take that off your shoulders and that includes your DJ as well.

When it comes to equipment for your wedding entertainment, more isn’t always the best solution. A DJ or band that tries to setup a concert in your reception hall is just taking away from all the time you spent decorating and putting those little touches on your night. A good DJ or band will try to blend in and bring enough sound and lights, not to overpower the room, but keep an elegant touch that matches your style.

No matter which entertainment experience you choose, know that it’s YOUR special day, and your entertainer should be focused on making it as fun and stress-free as possible. Whether you decide a DJ or band, set up a meeting with them to ensure they fit your personality. All Occasions DJ Service provides true entertainerment to help guide your wedding guests toward a night they’ll never forget.

Congratulations on your wedding day and CHEERS to a great party!

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