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Grazing Tables Trending Now

By Becky Streeter

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing right now for reception food is grazing tables. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a grazing table yet, you are in for a treat. When done well, these tables can truly be a work of art that your wedding guests won’t forget.

Grazing tables are full of savory treats for wedding guests to snack on. Tables can feature anything from artisan breads and cheese to meats and seasonal vegetables with dipping sauces. The foods available are not usually temperature picky, so they can be left out for a significant amount of time for guests to enjoy. A grazing table is perfect as a starter before a breakfast reception, as an appetizer for cocktail hour, or a late-night snacking station.

Willow Events & Catering in Chippewa Falls offers amazing grazing tables for weddings and other events. Chef and owner Adam Kazort has more than 27 years of culinary expertise, and a large part of his education and training was focused in hospitality. His desire is to make your wedding food a beautiful experience for all to remember, and he doesn’t disappoint.

Each grazing table Chef Adam designs is very unique. The menu you find online is mostly suggestions and can be customized to fit your needs. Grazing tables from Willow Events & Catering often include artisan deli sammies, mixed nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, crackers, cheeses, meats, fresh vegetables, and chocolate. However, Adam prides himself on tailoring meals to the client’s specific tastes, regional flavor (did someone say Wisconsin comfort food?), and dietary needs–he even does a lot of kosher cooking!

There is definitely an art to grazing tables. Chef Adam often adds a touch of rustic chic to the display by incorporating wooden slat boxes, charcuterie boards, signs, lanterns or pedestal candles, and greenery/foliage. If you have a specific decoration of your own that you would like to display, Adam would love to incorporate it, just give him a heads up before the event.

Layering is another major component of an eye-catching grazing table. Depending on the location of the event, a table may be all one level or it can have several different tiers. The highest Chef Adam has ever gone was three feet! He states, “A finished grazing table is a flow of color, shapes, and food artistically displayed.”

Willow Events & Catering offers services on-site or off-site catering throughout the Chippewa Valley. For off-site locations, tables are usually provided by your choice of venue, however Willow Events & Catering provides disposable plates, napkins and forks at no extra charge. And they bring all the necessary serving utensils and display items. For on-site events at the center, everything comes with the rentals and purchase of the food.

Each table is $14 per person with a $100 deposit at time of booking. The deposit is date-transferable and is also credited on the final bill. If you have a very specific date you’d like to book, contact Chef Adam at least a year in advance. They do occasionally have openings here and there, however, and they are also flexible if you need to change your date. If Willow Events & Catering is unable to accommodate the change of date you need, you can still redeem your deposit by picking up takeout trays or going to one of their monthly wine dinners offered at the center.

Adam truly loves being a part of a wedding celebration. His food and beautiful displaying of it helps bring joy on a much deeper level. “I have learned that the friendships and relationships we build in this life are the only thing we can take with us in the end,” Adam says. “They are what we celebrate in the good and cling to in the bad. They give meaning, purpose, and legacy to a life. I feel so blessed that I can come to work and not only build those relationships with our customers but I get to experience my customers' relationships grow stronger and in the process I become a part of their story.”

For more information about Willow Events & Catering, visit their website at To inquire about a grazing table for your wedding or event, contact Adam and Rebecca Kazort at

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