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Guy’s Attire for the Wedding

By John Muldoon, Muldoons Men’s Wear

When couples come in looking for wedding attire, some come in knowing exactly what they want for their wedding. They know the color, style, fit—everything. All we do is take the order and measure the guys. Others have no clue as to what they want. That’s where we can help.  The first thing I like to do is determine what color tux or suit they want. From there we can add the vest and ties to match the bridesmaid dresses. Many times the first thing brides ask is whether we have a certain color in vests. We have so many colors available, including at least two shades of camouflage, so color is seldom an issue. The next thing we need would be the guys’ measurements. If the guys can’t make it in to get measured, they can go to any Jim’s Formal Wear, Tip Top Tux, Savvi, or Nedrebo’s Formal Wear. They have locations throughout the United States.

Something to consider for your wedding: should you rent or buy a tux or suit?

Rental prices can be as much as buying a suit. For that reason some couples consider buying suits. When you rent a tux or suit, you are getting the latest style and the best fabric available.   They have to be well made. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t hold up to weekly dry cleaning. If you were to purchase one of these, it would cost $500 or more. You can buy a suit from us starting at $129.99, and we will include a dress shirt, tie, and pocket square.

Other Considerations: Fit

Some people think they know how to wear a suit or tuxedo, but can be way off.

First of all, pull your pants up to your navel. If you can’t keep them there, ask for suspenders. I have seen many men wear their tux or suit pants the same way they wear their blue jeans. This would be incorrect for about 90 percent of the guys, including myself. I wear a 34–35-inch waist in blue jeans but wear a 36-inch (at least) in suit pants. Jeans tend to run big in the waist and short in length. So when a guy says he wears a 34 X 34, he probably wears a 36 X 32 in dress pants. Blue jeans give a little while suit pants don’t give at all. The trend in pant length is to wear them shorter than years ago. In fact as the pant legs get narrower, the length should get shorter otherwise the pants will bunch up at the bottom. I have heard some guys say that they want their pants long because they don’t want any sock to show when they sit down. This is not the way to wear dress pants.

The suit or tux coat fit is changing these days also. You all have heard of the slim fit suit. It is not for everybody. First of all, do not confuse slim fit for athletic fit. A slim fit is for the man that is slim in the chest and arms but not necessarily slim in the waist. Athletic fit is for those whose chest, shoulder, and arms are big and their waist is small in comparison. For instance, if your chest is 38 inches and your waist is 34 inches, you should wear a 40 slim. If your chest is 38 inches and your waist is 30 inches, then you should wear a 38 athletic. When buttoning the jacket, always button the top button and never the bottom button. It is just there for looks. Some tuxedo coats only have one button. If the coat is a three button, then button the top two.

If you are renting a tux and cannot get to the store that you are renting it from, come see us. There is no charge to measure, and it only takes five minutes. If you can’t get to any store but you have a cloth tape measure, then you should take these measurements or have someone else do it: chest, chest over arms, waist, hips, and outseam. If you are renting shoes, we’ll need that size too. Rental shoes come in medium and wide (3X) width.

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