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How Will Your Wedding Day Be Remembered?

By Dawn Anderson, custom poet,

On your 10-year wedding anniversary, you will cringe at your “cutting edge” lumberjack-theme wedding decision in 2020. You may regret all your fashion choices. Remember those ‘80s weddings with balloon-like poufy sleeves and long tailcoat tuxes? How about old school veils puffed up like a Polish breed chicken?

There are no 1967 wedding pictures of my parents displayed anywhere. The bride was beautiful, ultra-blonde and dressed in lacy white. The groom was tall and handsome. Everything was lovely…except the bold, black horn-rimmed glasses sported by the bride.

Looking for a better way to capture the spirit of your day, your love, and your personality as a newlywed couple that doesn’t involved any sort of cutting-edge style or current wedding trend?

The newest, and arguably most long-lasting, wedding tradition is a custom personalized poem.

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your relationship and possibly one of the most expensive. The officiant’s words of wisdom through the vows, ring exchange, and kiss take about 15 minutes and are, quite often, only slightly personalized.

A poem written for you by a professional poet who takes the time to learn about you as a couple will become a cherished family treasure. Not only will it bring more emotion and meaning to your ceremony, it will hang on your wall as a descriptive reminder of your love and devotion. Frame your custom poem with your wedding photo, send it in your “thank-you” notes, and put it on the first page of your photo album.

Long after the party is over, the wedding cake is eaten, the dress is dry-cleaned and hanging in the attic, your beautiful day will be commemorated by your lumberjack-themed photos and your one-of-a-kind custom, personalized poem.

Let me help you cherish your day.  Dawn Anderson,,

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