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Interview: Alchemixx

Today on the blog we are interviewing Chaz, the guy behind Alchemixx.

How long have you been bartending?  I have been bartending for the past 10 years, with 15 years restaurant experience.

Why did you start Alchemixx?  I started Alchemixx because I saw that there was a need for better bar service at weddings and other special events. We bring all elements needed to provide a fun, friendly, and efficient bar program for your reception. We specialize in offering many services such as: bar flair shows to entertain your guests, signature cocktails, specialized drink menus, consultation in purchasing liquor/beer/wine, glassware rental, portable bar rental, and much more. All of our bartenders are licensed and current working/professional bartenders, with some holding multiple licenses in multiple cities. We are also insured.

How are you different, or what makes your services unique?  We are unique in offering such services as our Flair Show, a key feature of Alchemixx, and our bartenders are trained in flair bartending. We can offer a “show” for everyone involved with bar tricks and aerial maneuvers. Flair is a great way to offer another element that is unique and will have people talking about your reception long after the day of your event.

We offer an exclusive cocktails menu, with cocktails designed and tailored to your preferences. Do you have a favorite drink that you would like offered, seasonal ingredients that you want showcased, or a drink color to complement your event’s theme? We can execute any type of cocktail that any of your guests would choose. Or, we can design drinks especially for your event. We use fresh juices, garnishes, and modern craft bartending techniques. We can also provide “mocktails,” non-alcoholic beverages for guests and/or children that may be at your event.

We help you utilize a personalized buying guide, a shopping guide for the buyer/purchaser. You can use this as a tool or checklist for covering all items that are needed for off-premise bartending. We can also provide the buying and shopping if you would prefer.

We can provide portable bars, including linens and glassware, with various styles available.

We supply our own bartending tools and equipment, at no extra charge to perform various drink preparations.

We provide an exceptional, professional, and entertaining bar service, with complete regard to the importance of your event.

What can people expect with your services to cost?  Budgeting will vary, as it depends on how personalized you would like our services for you event. Generally, though, you can expect a bartender(s) fee, a mileage fee (if applicable/outside of Eau Claire), a rental fee (based on needs of event), a flair show fee, an exclusive drink design fee, and 20 percent service charge applied to the final bill.

A current trend in bartending is everything fresh, fresh, fresh! Especially utilizing locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Making everything from scratch, no pre-made mixes.

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