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Wedding Trends: The Ins and Outs

by Brianne Markin, Beaver Creek Reserve

When it comes to planning your wedding, you have probably been collecting ideas and “pins” for some time. As fashions change, so can trends in weddings. The good news is that if you make your wedding personal to you, then you will be on trend. So what’s in right now?

Mason Jars You can make a salad in them, store all the dry ingredients to make cookies, or use them for a million different decorating ideas. They are affordable and come in a variety of sizes and colors. It is no wonder these versatile jars are so popular with brides. However, if you have been to a wedding, wedding shower, baby shower or other event in the past three years, you have probably seen them used at least once. Verdict: Still In. Want a different look? Try chalk paint for a more rustic shabby chic look. For something more formal on a budget, use several jars in varying heights, fill with water and add a floating bloom and floating candles.

Tree Slices or Cookies Chances are you have something with wood slices (we call them tree cookies) on your “wedding ideas” board. You can cut your own or purchase them online. Just be sure to choose a species native to this area, and check for bugs that could hitchhike on your shipment. When cutting your own, you want aged wood. If the wood is too fresh they can split, warp, or drip sap, so if all you have is fresh wood, let it age before your big day. These tree cookies are a great, simple centerpiece for an outdoor wedding. They have been around for a while, but are still very in. Save money by sanding and staining them yourself. Looking for a new twist? Use Modge Podge to top the cookies with fabric, lace or burlap. Paint a table number or monogram on them. Use a photo transfer technique to apply a photo of you and your fiancé and stand them up for guests to see.

Different Dresses or Colors for the Maids If you have more than one bridesmaid, you know it can be hard to find one dress that will fit and look good on a variety of body types, let alone what makes them feel comfortable and confident. Similarly finding a color everyone likes can also be challenging. First and foremost, give up on the idea that they “could totally wear this again.” It so rarely happens—don’t let that guide your choice. But there is something to be said about letting the girls pick from a selection of styles in the same color, or different colors of the same dress. Verdict: Confidence is always beautiful and always in. If you are concerned about finding the one dress to work for everyone then let them choose. Or find a shop that will allow you to customize skirt and sleeve type or length.

D -I – Why Did I Do This to Myself? There is a push for everyone to make everything these days. If that is your thing then go for it. But don’t add extra stress to the planning process by trying to learn new hobby just to save money. First, any good DIY’er will tell you that it rarely saves money. Likely you have a friend or family member who would love to sew table runners or make jam for your wedding favors. If not, there is a whole world of people who craft for a living. Whether you head to a shop featuring locally made goods, an artists market, or good old Etsy, chances are you can find what you are looking for. Be realistic with your time and your budget. Make what you are already able to make, outsource the rest.

Something Borrowed You have most likely seen pictures of daughters in their mother’s prom or wedding dresses. This is a big new trend. Not only do you have your something borrowed, you are saving the money by not purchasing a dress. This trend does have its challenges, however, particularly if your mom was married in the 80’s or 90’s. If the dress needs major alterations, make sure you, your mom, and any siblings who may also have wanted to wear the dress, are all on the same page. Alterations and cleaning aren’t exactly cheap either, so find a good seamstress. This is not a great time for that whole DIY thing!

Theme Weddings If BOTH you are your fiancé are really in to something, enough to incorporate it into your wedding, go for it. Theme weddings are not a trend per se, but with the increasing use of social media we are seeing more of them. One thing to note, there will always be friends and family that won’t understand, but in the end it is YOUR day. I have been to, or know people who have had Lord of the Rings, Casino Night, Nascar, and Roaring 20’s themed weddings. In each case, the weddings fit the couple perfectly, and that is always in!

Bride Side, Groom Side This is one of those really long-standing traditions that supposedly has something to do with which side a man’s sword was on. The bride stands on the left and the groom on the right and the families of each would sit on the respective aisles. This tradition is not completely out, but the new trend is to have open seating for guests. Maybe the groom has a huge family and the bride a small family. Maybe there are friends of the couple who don’t want to pick a side. Maybe there are two brides or two grooms? No matter the reason, open seating is a great new trend. What better reflects the coming together of two people that all their friends and family sitting together? Just make sure that your ushers let guests know or put out signs. It is always a good idea to reserve the first few rows on either side for close family and for anyone speaking or participating in the wedding. Speaking of seating, try open seating at your reception as well. You’ll save time and lots of agonizing over a seating chart. This works well with family style seating vs. round tables.

Let Them Eat Cake, or Donuts, or Ice Cream… The wedding cake. Oh that iconic dessert. But what if that just isn’t your thing? First, they can be expensive, and the cake cutting fee on top of that? The trend lately has been to add a more meaningful dessert to your special day. This is a great trend to continue. A winter wedding I attended recently had individual Bundt cakes from a bakery that the couple loved and a hot chocolate bar! First, make sure that you can get that favorite dessert in a larger quantity and that your venue can serve it. Keep the season in mind as well. Not everyone wants ice cream in winter, and a molten lava cake might be too heavy for summer. When in doubt, give your guests options. My friend was lucky enough to have lots of great bakers in her family.

So as you plan your special day try not get too focused on the trends or obsess about the details of a perfect wedding. Spoiler alert, there will be small hiccups. But truth be told, those are the things that you will remember and laugh about for years to come. In the end, the perfectly “on trend” wedding is that one that, when it’s all said and done, has you marrying your perfect partner.

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