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Weddings at White’s Wildwood Retreat Are Truly Destination Weddings   

Dreaming of a wonderful outdoor wedding? White’s Wildwood Retreat, in the town of Lafayette between Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, has an abundance of beautiful nature—bluffs, forest, and orchards—with a natural outdoor amphitheater and a large pavilion. The picturesque setting is a gorgeous venue for your wedding, providing unlimited backdrops for photographs.

White’s Wildwood Retreat did not start off as a wedding venue. “The property that we developed for hobbyists, corporate retreats, family vacations, and holiday get-togethers had so much appeal that we started getting asked if we would host weddings,” explains Betty White. Betty and her husband Dean have been hosting weddings at their retreat for over ten years.

Weddings at White’s Wildwood Retreat are truly destination weddings. Your wedding rental begins on Friday morning and ends at 1:00 pm on Sunday. You don’t have to hurry or rush around, as you have time to decorate and set up at leisure. You can host up to thirty-three overnight guests for the weekend. Those guests may be your wedding party, out of town family, or close friends. Typically, if your wedding ceremony is at White’s Wildwood Retreat, your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner will be on site as well. The lawns and gardens are beautifully landscaped for play, leisure, or maybe even yard games.

The weddings here range from 40 to 400 guests. Our wedding venue includes all the amenities of Wildwood Lodge, Wildwood Cabin, Wildwood Pavilion, the outside venue, pavilion restrooms, and special event parking.  In 2015, they built a beautiful 48×90-feet pavilion that accommodates up to 400+ guests. In 2016, they built beautiful restrooms to serve pavilion guests. There are side curtains on all twenty-six openings of the pavilion walls, and the pavilion has an incredible sound system with a wireless mic. Nine banks of LED lights on dimmers allow you to set the desired mood with customized lighting throughout the event. The bar was custom-made for guests to use as well.

“We have an open catering policy, which means you are welcome to work with a caterer of your choice. I have compiled a list of past caterers that you’re welcome to consult with as well,” says Betty White.

White’s offers the bride and groom the opportunity for their wedding to become an event, not just a day, in a beautiful, natural setting. If this sounds good to you, drive out and visit, the Whites suggest. And then, book as soon as possible. “One year in advance is best, but some bookings are taking place two years in advance now,” the Whites report.

Betty says, “I would love the opportunity to give you a tour!”

Updated calendars: Drone video that showcases the property quite well: Pavilion bathroom pictures:

For more information visit or call 715-726-2068.

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