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Heyde Center for the Arts: A Vintage Wedding Venue

The Heyde Center for the Arts has been referred to as THE place for vintage weddings, with wooden floors and trim, classic architecture styles and lines, a large ballroom, chandelier lighting, and elegant design touches. Though it is an historic building, there is air conditioning for summer months and, of course, heating for winter and fall.

The Chippewa Valley Cultural Association, Inc. (CVCA) was formed in April of 1976; however, it took a long time to complete the restoration of the building.  The Heyde Center for the Arts is the current name of the historic building that was saved and restored to its present glory. During the long and arduous process of fundraising, and the renovation and restoration of the building, the association organized performances in many “borrowed spaces” around the city to raise money and community awareness. Licensed electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and other skilled and unskilled laborers have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer labor. The building was reopened as an arts center in 2000.

When you hold your wedding and/or reception here, it not only will be a great venue for your big day, it will support the Heyde Center for the Arts’ ability to provide high quality, affordable arts and cultural opportunities to the Chippewa Valley community.

Because of all the great arts events in the schedule, you should plan to book the venue for your wedding at least eighteen months in advance. The center hosts an average of thirteen weddings each year.

The center features a large auditorium with the advantage of flexible seating. It can seat approximately 240 people set up banquet style and 400 people set up theater style. If you wish to hold both your ceremony and your reception at the Heyde Center for the Arts, they will take care of changing over the theater-style set up to the banquet set up for you while you relax with family and friends. Your package includes round or rectangular tables, chairs, adjustable chandelier lighting, and all room set up and clean up. Dressing rooms are available for the wedding party, and a sound system with a technician is provided.

You may work with your choice of caterers. Several caterers have provided unique and delicious meals with great service at the venue. The center has a list of caterers they’ve worked with who have received great reviews, but they are always willing to work with new, fully licensed caterers. There is a separate room just right for a buffet line and a prep room for caterers.

The center has a liquor license and can provide all alcoholic beverages services. Or, if you prefer not to serve alcohol, there is no required minimum alcoholic beverage purchase. They also provide a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages.

Call the center today to learn more about this beautiful vintage venue for your wedding.

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