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Thinking of Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding? Go For It!

Thinking of Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding? Go For It!   By now you’ve probably been to some event that featured a photo booth. It was fun, and you confess to posing for several shots in silly getups while making faces. You are toying with the idea of having one at your wedding, but you’re also wondering if it’s now an old and tired idea (read: boring!). First of all, it’s your day, so if you think it would be fun, go for it! Second, there are good reasons for going ahead and booking a booth.

It’s downright good entertainment.Dancing and catching up with friends and relatives IS fun, but after a while, some other type of activity is a welcome option for your guests. People can let go and be silly while also socializing around and in the photo booth.

  1. It creates a wedding keepsake. For one, any guest that ventures into the booth can walk away with a pretty neat memento of the great time they had at your reception. For another, if you think of it more like a modern-day guest book and set it up in a way that ensures most if not all guests will step in for a photo, you will have a great visual record of all those special people that came to share your special day.

  2. Your photo booth can be customized to your tastes and preferences. Yes, other weddings, and even other events, have had photo booths, but none of them were exactly like yours. You can arrange for the booth to reflect the theme, colors, and tone of your wedding and reception.

  3. There are always new developments in photo booths. For example, slow-motion photos are the hot trend now. Special cameras allow slo-mo photos to be taken. People are often given things like bubbles to blow, silly string to shoot at each other, or confetti to throw. The slow-motion creates interesting effects. Check to make sure the booth you choose offers this hot option.

Tiny Photos, LLC (, in Chippewa Falls, reports that their record for maximum number of people in a booth at once is currently ten. Maybe your group can break their record! Tiny Photos offers a 22-inch screen on which you can see your current pose, along with a countdown to when the next picture will be snapped. I can hear your guests counting down now! Guests can toggle between black and white and color, and a picture is printed out in less than ten seconds. Tiny Photos provides lots of props and accessories.

The Joy Booth, a local photo booth company who services Wisconsin, Minnesota, and beyond (, offers full customization of photo strips, backdrop colors, and a memory album. They provide unlimited photos for all guests and offer one of the largest photo booths in the area to capture those large groups. They offer not one, but two professional on-site attendants.  They bring a premium prop selection to all of their events. After the event, the couple is given a USB drive that allows them access to all the pictures in a digital format. For those that would like to use the photo booth as a wedding “favor,” The Joy Booth can design customized favors and and provide vinyl protectors to help the guests preserve their memories for years to come.

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