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Who Is the Smartest Mirror of Them All?

By Becky Streeter

Photo booths are pretty customary at weddings these days. They often come with crazy hats and glasses, funny wigs and fake ties. But what about something that you can sign your name on, personalize with a message for the bride and groom, or even add a digital emoji to your photograph printout? Tammy Angell decided this was the next step for a great wedding experience, and the evolution of the photo booth.

Angell, who has worked as an independent IT specialist for over ten years, was fascinated when she came across MirrorMe—an interactive, photo-generating, full-length mirror. Having quite bit of experience in the IT world, Angell knew this concept was a good fit for her, and an even better fit for the Chippewa Valley.

Based on this similar digital platform, she developed the “Angell Mirror.” It’s a user-friendly interface that communicates with entertaining voices, colorful animations, and a touch screen. You can write or draw whatever you like on the mirror, and it will transfer to the photograph when printed. “The mirror does most of the work for you,” Angell states. “All you have to do is follow the interactive steps. Two taps on the screen will get you high quality photos. Anyone can use Angell Mirror.” The mirror also includes games such as tic-tac-toe, a guessing game, and card games.

The 4” x 6” photographs are printed in high quality on a glossy, smudge-free paper. Photos are available immediately, and the all of the rights to the images are free. A digital copy can be provided for additional prints at no extra cost.

Those silly hats and glasses are still included for that little something extra to top off your image. Angell’s team also brings backdrops, a ring light, and a red carpet with ropes to make it feel extra fancy. Staff attends each event in case there are questions about the mirror or its capabilities.

Angell says, “My favorite part of Angell Mirror is providing a unique and fun experience for our customers. I love seeing people of all ages having fun. We provide a one of a kind experiences that creates memories.”

Angell Mirrors provides services to the Chippewa Valley region and is willing to travel to surrounding areas up to 120 miles. Check out the product at or on Facebook.

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